Misleading HTML in the SDK skeleton

The skeleton game provided as an SDK starter has some very misleading HTML near the end:

  <div class="statement-story" style="min-height: 300px; position: relative">

To the best of my observation, that style attribute is neither observed nor transcribed in the resulting page.


  1. could the skeleton be fixed, and/or
  2. how can I make that story section less tall?
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I reported it.

Hello. The style attribute IS correctly transcribed. I just tested using the skeleton and switching min-height to 30px, and it displays as expected.

Can you provide an example that does not work for you?


EDIT: maybe the issue comes from the fact that the following CSS exists on the platform for the “statement-story” class used in the skeleton.
I can see how this could be considered misleading and will make amends.

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Botters of the Galaxy has the story section working in the IDE:

It’s in the background story here.

Source statement_en.html:

Rendered result as far as I can inspect it:

I’m not going to paste the entire computed style rules, but just going to point out the min-height does not appear in the inline style section, and the rule that applies is the 300px one from some of the more global stylesheets.

I have removed the 300px from the style sheet so you should no longer have a problem.

(I’m assuming the reason your new min-height did not appear is because the value “min-content” was not accepted by our HTML validator).

Much better, thanks!

Well… it seemed like the most natural way to try and counter that specific bit of global CSS without resorting to more dirty stuff. :man_shrugging: