Missing color highlighting


I’m coding a lot in C++ and noticed that there’re some keywords without any
color highlighting. In my case as I have created classes. keywords like “public” or “private” aren’t
in any color. Do u plan to add those keywords as well?

Thx a lot in advance for any info and for your effort to create such an awesome platform!

Best regards

I agree. Other examples:
static, const…

The IDE editor is Ace Editor: https://ace.c9.io/
I don’t think Codingame want to modify it (fork a library is often a pretty bad idea in a big project). So we’ll have to wait a next verion of AceEditor with a better support of C++ keywords.

In the mainwhile I recommend you use the sync tool. Then you can code in your favourite text tool and have all the color highlighting you like :slight_smile: