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Hey !

I know, CodinGame doesn’t want to develop a mobile’s application because, they think, it’s easier to develop on a computer and mobile aren’t created for that(I may be misunderstood, in that case, please tell me their opinion on the subject).
I understand that, and that’s not why I’m creating this topic.
I created this topic to ask you if you know an application where I can connect to the chat.
Indeed, I like to chat with other people on this website, but I haven’t found any pidgin mobile app(Maybe I don’t know how to search, in this case, just let me know that I’m a dumb).

Thanks in advance for your answer


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Hello there!

You can use Xabber on android.
(I use it personally)

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I use occasionally Monal on iPhone, but there is often disconnections.
I do not know if these disconnections are due to Monal or a server-side time-out, but it’s rather annoying.

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Take a look at this tutorial : This post are showcasing top app developers and choose the best one.

I hope this post will helps to you.