Moderation of community contributions

In order to increase the amount of content on CodinGame, we’ve added the possibility to every CodinGamer to create puzzle or clash of code questions. However, we were not able to moderate all your contributions, so we’ve changed the system:

  • when creating a contribution, you must also provide the “stub generator” - a code that will be used to generate the template in every languages.
  • the new contributions are only available in English: sorry for our french community but that was way too long to translate everything.
  • we added the possibility to have a team of moderators that will be able to edit and validate the contributions. For now we’ve only selected a few CodinGamers among those who did some contributions. We have in mind something similar to stackoverflow for the future but we’re starting simple.

Hopefully we get this terrible party started! =D

This seems like it might be a rather nice addition to the site.