Modern Fantastic Bits

Hi, I am starting Fantastic Bits, and saw somewhere that the level of the Bosses has gone up significantly.
So I hope that the top players will share strategies and advice beginners like me to solve it.

Maybe giving logic for legend league would be unfair, so hope that you would share how you got to gold and maybe give a couple of hints :slight_smile: .


@Magus, I meant more simple methods that can be used to get till at least gold, I saw that in most multis, simple heuristic methods are sufficient to get till gold, after which algorithms can be implemented.

I went through the post mortems in the strategies thread, and according to another person who implemented most of them, they are not enough to get till gold and plateau at top Silver.

Tried reading the code that u posted on github, was a brilliant use of physical concepts… But it is not easy to implement a genetic without the sufficient understanding to make an evaluation function.