More bugs than feedback!

Hello !

Here are some bugs/improvement that I have noticed for some time. Some of them may therefore be obsolete or irrelevant.

(edit :one:)
(edit :two:)
(edit :three:)

Summary list :

  1. [NO FIX__] Unamed codingamer
  2. [NO FIX__] Solution background color
  3. [DISCUSS_] clashofcode ranking
  4. [DISCUSS_] clashofcode report (:one:, not new but confirmed !)
  5. [NO FIX__] Contribution formating
  6. [OPEN____] Forum navigation (:three:)
  7. [WILL FIX] Forum + search
  8. [WILL FIX] cp computation
  9. [OPEN____] stub generator
  10. [DISCUSS_] ide line jump
  11. [NO FIX__] ide language version
  12. [OPEN____] ide preview (:three:)
  13. [NO FIX__] ide language switch
  14. [OPEN____] Don’t panic ep2
  15. [WILL FIX] clashofcode waiting lobby
  16. [WILL FIX] clashofcode waiting lobby 2
  17. [WILL FIX] clashofcode waiting lobby 3 (:one:)
  18. [NO FIX__] null byte
  19. [WILL FIX] Forumception
  20. [WILL FIX] Forum link menu (:one:)
  21. [DISCUSS_] Unary (golf) (:one:)
  22. [WILL FIX] Forum logout (:two:)
  23. [OPEN____] Empty approved comment (:three:)(@5DN1L)
  24. [OPEN____] clashofcode.shareresulttitle (:three:)(@Harshit_Gupta)

In details…

1. Unamed codingamer

Unamed codingamer take the name of the previous or next user while navigating solutions (example)

2. Solution background color

Refreshing the page fix the problem but the background turn white ! Same thing happen for clash solution.

3. clashofcode ranking

clashofcode ranking notification is wrong ? Seems related to N/A submission ?

4. clashofcode report

Sometimes the clash report link does not work, and we need to refresh multiple times to get it.

5. Contribution formating

There is no more separator between clashofcode mode in contribute page

6. Forum navigation

Previous navigation does not work at least on safari when reading a post to get back to forum home. That happen after reloading the forum home page. Same thing when you try to reach the forum by the menu from a post

:three: for example, when I have finished reading this thread (i.e. Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better) and I would like to go back to the forum’s main page (i.e. Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better), clicking FORUM under the COMMUNITY menu does nothing. (original post)

7. Forum + search

The search dropdown does not close when use on the forum

8. cp computation

It seems there is a problem in cp computation, either in our advantage or not !


9. stub generator

stub not valid in perl because of variable redefinition (this is handle in other language) :

read n:int
loopline n x:int
loopline n y:int
write answer

10. ide line jump

In the ide, when trying to correct a syntax error/exception, the cursor goes to the beginning of the corresponding line, which is great but is it possible to leave it if already on the good line to keep x position ? Could be very cool when trying to fix that syntax error/exception !

11. ide language version

At least kotlin version ide is not align with the current runtime version. java too but certainly more complicated with multiple version. I did not check for others

12. ide preview

Preview does not work at least on safari for some puzzle like this one

13. ide language switch

When switching language, hiting alt/ctrl/maj/tab/… reopen the dropdown. Could it be possible to the editor to gain focus or at least fix tab so that the combo “tab; ctrl + a; suppr” works !!

14. Don’t panic ep2

Don’t panic ep2, fr/en statement is half from episode 1 ! It seems all technical details : nbAdditionalElevators : not used for this first question, value is always 0single line WAIT or BLOCK
Also there is a small problem in the game itself :

  • replay show that i win, where it’s not the case (obviously miss an action but i’m already under the exit) ! (test 2)(print("ELEVATOR\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nBLOCK\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT"))
  • In the previous replay if i add “ELEVATOR” action, i win, but ELEVATOR is not a valid action ! (test 2) (print("ELEVATOR\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nBLOCK\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nWAIT\nELEVATOR"))

15. clashofcode waiting lobby

When joining an already started clash, sometimes the elapsed time works, sometimes not, in both case it’s not real time.


16. clashofcode waiting lobby 2

I’m not sure but seems related to internal events of the clash, when trying to join an already started clash, or when you are not fast enough to click join before it start you get :

17. clashofcode waiting lobby 3 (:one:)

Sometimes when joining a clash, countdown and mode does not work :

18. null byte

null byte cause an internal error when playing the code. Because is not that simple to write it in the editor (actually, I don’t know how it appears the first time !!), here is the json sent :

["53554452c79fd8be8a708f8d17e11ee680c99a5c",{"code":"print(\"null character at the end of the line...\")\u0000","programmingLanguageId":"Python3","multipleLanguages":{"testIndex":1}}]

url :POST

19. Forumception

In fact I like this one ! But accessing the faq by the forum is very interesting !! Happen with other links too.

20. Forum link menu (:one:)

The forum link menu is not correct when accessing directly a post.

21. Unary (golf) (:one:)

Just notice that the statement mention (sans retour chariot) about the input line. Which is not true. I personally suggest to remove that mention in the statement rather than modifying test cases for two reasons :

  • It breaks the entire leaderboard.
  • it’s one of the thing that make the challenge more interesting.

But as discussed with @5DN1L, maybe players would prefer the other solution.

22, Forum logout (:two:)

Logout does not logout from forum

23, Empty approved comment (:three:) (original post)

Based on this previous post, CG added this feature to contribution moderation:

Add a non-skippable comment at refusal/approval to push moderators to explain their votes.

However, as shown in the screenshot below (from this contribution ), a moderator can still approve without adding any comment. I think that needs to be fixed.


24, clashofcode.shareresulttitle (:three:) (original post)

The key clashofcode.shareresulttitle is missing

That’s all folks
No that’s not true, I have another one but I need to confirm that


I don’t understand what you mean for item 21. Would you mind explaining it a bit more, maybe with a screenshot if that helps?

Sorry, added a picture with english language. My point is more precisely about modifying test cases. Did not take time to check validators but i assume that there is no more \n too

Ah, I know what you mean now. Yes, that should really be fixed. Not sure about the validators, but for the visible test cases, the input strings in the first four contain a carriage return (which is inconsistent given the description shown in your screenshot) but those in the others do not.

i must express myself very poorly ! There is NO MORE \n in any test cases. But I understand that you would prefer like that. I think differently because the actual leaderboard is based on those \n !
And we have to confirm in validators !

No, I mean I have checked the test cases again just now, and I can see “\n” in the input strings in the first four test cases only! And I absolutely do NOT prefer that :smiley: I mean, consistency is the most important thing, either all cases with “\n” or all without.

Oups, you’re right ! Got confused with the statement, i thought it was new. Forgot in my test that python strip it :person_facepalming:
I prefer consistency too but in that case it’s more interesting to be not consistency. You can and need to be very creative to handle that \n

One way or the other, the puzzle still need to be fixed, either the cases (include “\n” or exclude “\n”) or the statement (remove the description “without carriage return” if both types of cases are permitted) :slight_smile:

Item 8: Whose profile is that? Does the problem still exist?

Item 20: I find this bug annoying too. I should be able to choose “FORUMS” to go back to the forum’s front page.

I would also suggest @_CG_ClementHammel to take a look to see if any of the bugs can be fixed. Thanks.

Another item I would like to see fixed:

Based on this previous post, CG added this feature to contribution moderation:

Add a non-skippable comment at refusal/approval to push moderators to explain their votes.

However, as shown in the screenshot below (from this contribution), a moderator can still approve without adding any comment. I think that needs to be fixed.


Hey all!
Thank you very much for this detailed reports (and for your patience :wink: )
I created tickets for some of these, other I will need more details or investigation on our side, and some bugs will stay as they are not impacting the experience too much (but I’m open to discussion!)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 13, 18. Won’t fix
6. I don’t really understand the problem here, I don’t seem to have the problem on my side. Could you elaborate?
7. Will fix
8. That’s a bit of a spoiler, but I would like to rethink the level system next year. It should be “fixed” when/if we change the system, so we will not fix it for now
9. Well have a look
12. Could you elaborate?
14. I will have a look
15, 16, 17.
19. Will fix
20. Will fix (we are reworking the menus anyways)
21. I would suggest to remove the /n in the test cases and keep the statement
22. Will fix


For point 6: for example, when I have finished reading this thread (i.e. and I would like to go back to the forum’s main page (i.e., clicking FORUM under the COMMUNITY menu does nothing.

For point 21: Yes, I think it should be fixed that way.

Please fix this too:


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Adding one to the discussion forum,

Was this share results button title along with share button expected? No, the page wasn’t loading, it has been loaded already. Maybe reproducible, maybe not :man_shrugging: Please look into it too, if encountered anytime soon.

Thanks for the follow-up. Updated the original post to reflect yours + 5DN1L + Harshit_Gupta.
Because you said ‘open to discussion’, I tagged discuss the one that I consider impacting a bit the experience :
3. Does this affect the ranking ? If there is 8 players and 7 N/A => rank 1/1 ?
4. After playing some clash, it can be annoying to see the reports
10. :cry: !
21. You have 5DN1L/my points. Choose what you think best !

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Thanks for updating the forum, I have just got another one that I usually notice and would like to now complain about, as well as need community comments on if it is really one. It’s the feedback form available at the end of “Clash of Code” code clashes, at the right of results. It just never fails to ask for a feedback. You see, when a feedback is submitted, it’s submitted and the form is gone.

But, when I refresh a page or load it again later from notifications (confirm it with the IST timestamp available at the bottom-right of screenshots, it’s as-is and has not been altered), the feedback form re-appears at right irrespective of whether it has been filled or not.

Is it a bug, or a feature to provide feedbacks for whatsoever times desired?

Here I got one other issue.

The review tab of checking solutions is hard-coded with this heading that says “Review more solutions to unlock an achievement”:

Although, it has no achievement to show me below it (as it previously used to until I earned all those badges).

I believe this needs to be fixed to avoid participants from expecting another review badge after they’ve earned all the review badges from bronze reviewer to legendary ones.

Here I have another one to be mentioned.

Whenever I’m able to finish an easy clash under 30 seconds, I get this error #413 as “Clash is completed and cannot be restarted.”. Though this error seems to be unaffecting the clash result, as my code is submitted as well as graded anyways. I suspect it may be because the clashes are set with some grace period to initialize all functionalities or so during this initial duration, but I cannot surely comment. But this false error is a bug for sure, which needs to be looked into so as to prevent its unnecessary appearance.

Got this again when submitted just in last 1-2 seconds of a clash.

The clash completion timeline is not fitting well in corners for sure.

Got this again on 02:13 after start. Strangely, this timing also triggered this error.

About the “side note”, the “share ON by default” is for puzzles, not clashes.

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