More than 4000 CP in codegolf?

Hi, I wonder how is it possible :

Is there a 5th puzzle that I can’t see ?

No idea. I’ve reported the bug on Discord.

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I hope there is soon a 5th puzzle, tested by some chosen people :grin: (but I think it’s a bug in CP computation :frowning: )

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Maybe they managed to solve a puzzle with negative number of chars.

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The bug is back! I got 5500CP this time lol (I checked the individual scores and they still cannot be more than 4000).


Is CG summing the score for all languages instead of the best five ?

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I don’t think so, because much more people would have more than 4000 CP.

I have 5575 CP if I count the 7 best languages instead of 5. But my score today on CG is 5581, so it doesn’t seem to be that.

Edit : no, I’m not uptodate on my scores, I’m checking …
Edit 2 : 5577 CP with my 7 best solutions, instead of 5581.