Move the Share My Code button in Clash of Code?

I see that there have already been posts to have an option or default to automatically share code after a Clash of Code game, while I might like to see that, that is not what I am going to ask here.

What I’d like to request, is to consider moving the Share My Code button such that it does not appear beneath the Clash Of Code player’s individual result. Perhaps it could for example be placed to the left or right of “Share My Results”.

The reasoning behind the request is that the position of the result and hence the button often moves within 2-5 seconds of finishing a clash. I often want to click the button while the system is still running tests and calculating my position within the results, and enough of the time the button moves and I click someone’s profile, that I have found myself waiting the few seconds until after the tests finish to click the button, which is mildly inconvenient but seemingly unnecessary.

I think having the button at a fixed position on screen would be more user friendly, especially for players that just want to always share there code (I have no problem sharing code that didn’t work) and even though this might overlap with having a profile option for such players, I think moving the button is ultimately also good for players that wouldn’t want such option, and is less work to implement.