Multiplayer game ideas - general discussion

Due to recent addition of paths, there’s obviously more motivation to contribute with puzzles. Since i don’t want to promote more clash of code and generic puzzles, I am thinking to try a multi or an optimization puzzle at least. I am sure others will want to unlock that path the same way.

The thread is here to discuss general multiplayer ideas. Great, relevant ideas or even ideas you wish to throw away and let someone else do if they wanted to.

For example i kept thinking of doing something titled beach volley ball of doom. I am not sure it would fit on CG though. Or maybe someone can make it work. I don’t know. This is a throw-away idea.

The other idea was to do a real 2v2 with message output passed between allies. Even do some quick patchwork on BotG and make it a 4 player game, but not sure how popular that would even be. So might just start from scratch.

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I recently had a game idea:
Do you know hammerwatch? I imagine a nice pixel art game where each team consisting of 2 players have to do some objective together and beat the other team. Objectives could be

  • destroying most enemies
  • surviving longest
  • getting highest score
  • beating the level fastest

Something like this can be used for optimization AND multiplayer puzzles.
What do you think?

I’ve thought about a robots clone, but with multiple players, and one in-charge of the bots, where they can choose the player to chase per robot,. So you might be able to avoid collisions, but the players might be able to team up. Probably with no teleports, and people rotating between rolls. We sort of lack any cooperative multi player games from what I’ve seen.