Hi, I am new to CodinGame and I really like it!

I had a few questions about the use of threads in puzzles.

1- Is multithreading allowed/activated in puzzles and contests?

2- If a challenge timeout should I use multithreading or is there always a way to do it without multiple threads? I see multithreading as a “shortcut” and it feels a bit like cheating. Altough, if it is necessary I will use it :stuck_out_tongue:

3- If I use threads, how many threads is too much threads? On an 8-core computer I would create about 8 thread, is it different for a server like CodinGame?

Thanks for all answers!

EDIT: I decided to read the comments on the FAQ and found the answer to question 1 and 3. The answers where yes it is allowed/activated and there are usually 4 cores but sometimes 8 available.


Yes you can but that shouldn’t help you to go faster: only one core should be available for you.

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Alright, thanks for the info!
To be honest, I’m glad that we don’t need to just “bruteforce” with multiple thread :smile:

Didn’t see any information about 4 cores. Is it still actual?

I have the same question as @Enleur , is the information about the 4 available core still actual? I don’t see this info in the faq.

Or is the one-core limit there? As mentioned by @_CG_Maxime ?

Only one core but with hyperthreading.

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