My Ideas for Future Contests (feedback appreciated!)

First, I want to express my appreciation to @eulerscheZahl , @Illedan , @aCat, @radekmie , @Azkellas , @Manwi23 , @Nixerrr , @Gabbek , and the many other developers (both anonymous and those whose games I haven’t tried yet) who are behind the great content on this site.

I’ve learned a TON from Codingame thanks to all of you who are building out these opportunities. So a big thank you the official team and from the community contributors!

Here’s some things I’d like to see in the future.

  1. Multi-Mode Contests: RPGs such as Final Fantasy, as well as strategy games like Total War or Heroes of Might and Magic typically have two or more game modes. Each one of these makes the other more interesting. Without an adventure map, doing only battles would be boring. Without battles, doing only the adventure map is pointless. But with both of them combined together impacting the other, you get a really robust player experience. Here’s a few ideas of incorporating this concept to cross-pollinate and promote existing Codingame content. These are just a few. We could come up with an infinite number of cool ways to combine these games for a new category of game that is open to everyone but designed for Disciple level and above. My hope is that popular games could channel attention to other games that are comparably cool, but less frequently played.

    • Combine Code4Life and Code vs Zombies. If the combined score for Code4Life is below a certain threshold when the game ends, it automatically triggers a zombie apocalypse and runs a single random playtest for each player’s Code vs Zombie bots (the same playtest in each case, to keep it fair).

    • Combine Platinum Rift 2 with Ghost in the Cell. The “adventure map” is Platinum Rift 2, but the “battle map” of Ghost in the Cell is triggered whenever one player moves units onto the base of the other player. The starting units of the Ghost in the Cell minigame are determined by how many units each side has on that hex, so there is some advantage for the player who would normally have won the game.

    • Combine Fantastic Bits and Legends of Code and Magic. Add a new spell for Fantastic Bits that costs a significant amount of mana, but magically transports both players to an inn where they play a Legends of Code and Magic minigame. The winner gets full spell power, the loser is dropped to zero spell power, and the game resumes in the next tick with those updated mana variables.

  2. Trainer Games: To some extent, the whole platform is already designed to generate active, productive community members. But we can supercharge this. We can make games that deliberately familiarize players with the skills needed to make games. Imagine zooming in on one state of the Code4Life contest for example. A contest could be made in which your robot has to use actual Git commands to retrieve and upload files. I know I’d play it, since I want to learn Git! If the Codingame team made a set of multiplayer contests and puzzles, and highlighted it as a track that walks you through the entire process of what you’ll need to know to produce a game on their platform, I think that would create a pipeline where more community members could contribute games. That, in turn, would improve the variety and quality of games, as more people are able to implement their ideas. Ultimately, we get a really nice feedback loop out of that for the site and the community.

If those of you who have the skills to implement these ideas want me to assist as an apprentice I’d be glad to help make these ideas a reality, though my skills are still very limited (python only). Any feedback is appreciated!!