Need compiler output even when successful

I was solving Bender: Episode 1 in Rust when I made an error in my match statement. The program compiled but did the wrong thing. The mistake should have appeared as a warning, but the compiler output is gone when it compiles successfully.

Is there a way we can see the compiler output regardless of outcome?

I asked the question in the rust forums to confirm a warning should have been written.

On top of that I want the compiler errors, not the first warning.
Consider the following C# code:

using System;
class Solution
	static void Main(string[] args) {
	    // shown:
	    // warning CS0219: The variable `inputs' is assigned but its value is never used
		string inputs = Console.ReadLine ();
	// not shown:
	// error CS0161: `Solution.NoReturn()': not all code paths return a value
	static int NoReturn() { }

The error is more important than an unused variable. Yet only the unused variable appears in the error log, not the function without a return statement.

We’ll look into it

Hi @EveningRust

Regarding your Rust issue, getting the compiler output when compiling is successful would be a lot of work on our side so we have decided not to implement for the time being.

The forum link gives the solution for Rust: Add #![deny(warnings)] as the first line of your code.


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Thank you so much.