Need help with Kotlin


As you might know, it’s possible to do some Kotlin on However, it takes 6s each time we want to run it, so it’s pretty much unusable. We’re in contact with people from JetBrains so we’ll likely get some support soon.
However, if some if you are familiar with Kotlin environment, compilation & configurations stuff, etc, and you want to help, don’t hesitate to ping me.

At some point, we want to be able to take advantage of the technology used on and be able to add new languages on CodinGame easily. You can see this as a first step towards Kotlin on CodinGame.

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I’m happy to see you are trying to add Kotlin support. I’m waiting for it so much !

I’m not as you said 'very familiar with Kotlin environment, compilation & configuration stuff, etc…", but as an IntelliJ IDEA user, I noticed “Keep compiler process alive between invocation” and “Enable precise incremental compilation” can speed up build time quite significantly (7s to 2.5s for an Hello world !). I haven’t found any documentation that explains how to use these options from kotlinc command-line compiler.

However, if you look at the Kotlin IDEA plugin source code, you can found the three binded java options :


Maybe you could give it a try.

Please keep us informed of your progress !

Hey @TinyD3vil , thank you for this. I’ll pass the info to Quentin who is working on it.
We’ve been contact with people from JetBrains and it seems there’s no solution for what we want to do on for Kotlin. Yet.
We’re still working on it though.


Any news on Kottin support ?

Kotlin is now supported on CodinGame.

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Some methods not resolved in Kotlin. Because of using compiler 1.5. Will you update Kotlin compiler?

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