New Dark Theme for the site

This is very good site for learning and coding.
People spend good hours on this site. If this site included 2 themes like Dark and the default one (that is the current theme) that would be nice for most of us and our eyes too.
Thanks to the creators for making a wonderful and interactive site :slight_smile:


While I generally prefer these bright colour schemes, and am thankful it isn’t stuck on the previous annoying darker theme…

I understand different people have different preference for how they wish to fry their eyeballs… as they seem to like frying their eyeballs with a dark scheme, and they must think I’m enjoying frying my eyes with this lighter scheme (except, this makes my eyes hurt less–as I can see things easier).

I think it might be better if we could offer an option for “dark scheme” or “bright scheme” in our settings. (I’m concurring in a way, that has me agreeing some people prefer the other way–even if I don’t)

He Sam,

as mentioned in another toppic, you can “darken” your IDE isung [Ctrl] + [,] (comma). This will open a control panel from which you can chose from a few preset - including some with dark backgroung. :wink:

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Thank You @Naity :slight_smile:

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Is it possible to have the same dark theme than the rest of the site but for the forum?