New Home, Ranking and Experience features


these features were presented in yesterday’s blog post and are to be delivered very soon. Damn, they’re fast!

If you have questions, remarks or suggestions on this, don’t hesitate :wink:

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Really cool features.

However, I experienced a big ranking fall, going from 98th to 200th+ (as someone else mentioned in an other post as well).
It’s a bit frustrating to suddenly loose so many XP/CP…

technically you didn’t lose any point. The solo puzzles are just not part of a competition anymore but rather represent your personal progression with XP and levels.

Alright, but the global CodinPoints graph now shows a big drop, which looks like “losing” points to me:


Here to signal a bug:

I had several tabs opened with CG. Then I earned a level.
“Congratulations” pop-in popped in all tabs.

“losing” :wink:

Well I understand what you feel. All your CodinPoints earned on solo puzzles have been transformed in XP though.
Maybe we should do something about this graph though, the drop (or peak for others) is quite weird knowing it’s just a consequence of the arrival of the new system. @G_Rom

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I created an account on CodinGame two months ago for the contest Smash The Code. I found your system fun and well done. Then I thought getting a good ranking in a large international community would be a good point in my current job seeking process. So I decided to patiently solve all the puzzles one after the other until the next contest. I made my way up to around 590th, and tonight I’m back to around 920th. From my perspective, the points haven’t been transfered, they are simply lost, as well as all the time spent to gain them. Outside of the CodinGame community, being “level 20 on CodinGame” is meaningless, being “590th in 430k” was meaningful. From my perspective, the puzzles section has just became useless. On the blog you explained that mixing multiplayer and solo games was a problem. I do not agree. I think the details of the CodinPoints section in the profile is the place to refer to for those who care of their ranking in only one type of game. For those who wish to use CodinGame as a global ranking system in a community, I don’t understand why the time and effort spent and the ability needed to solve solo games is meaningless compare to those for multiplayer games. About your third point, ‘demotivating to start from the bottom of a huge leaderboard’, I’m even more confused. Please show me a ranking system where one starts from the top (I guess Magus would appreciate to be permanently overtaken by newly registered user). And, has the leaderboard became smaller with the new system ? (the figures in the CodinPoints section prove it hasn’t) And, do you really think it’s demotivating to have to work hard to merit a good ranking ? Nice way of thinking. I had fun and hope during two months, tonight it lasts nothing but anger and frustration. Maybe I take it too seriously, maybe CodinGame is just a place where to have fun. It’s not the way I saw it until now.


Like pascal6 i’m a bit befuddled by the new system which is clearly not beginner-friendly at all in my mind. I came to codingame to improve my python. I was more than happy to solve solo problems and then look proudly at my new ranking. It was really great: you’ve got nice graphics and a reward of one or two places. Each places was a bit like moving up the python knowledge ladder. Now it’s over, it’s a bit like you break the toy except for those with loads of time and skills needed to succeed in contest/multiplayer or the ones who could just copy/paste quickly in clash of code. I’m not sure at all that a s/general leaderboard/multi leaderboard/g is the best move…well got to find another toy now :cry:


Contests seem to be much more “valuable” now. Is the weighting higher now? Or are more than 3 contests included now?

I totally agree with you, another thing that is really frustrating also is dropping from ‘Master’ to ‘Rookie’ in one day!


I really did not like the changes. Maybe change your mind, but I intend to leave the CodinGame. Unfortunately, this change was a horrible idea.


The xp system is interesting to see his skills progression in algorithmic. But remove the solo puzzle cgpoint was a mistake. As @pascal6 said, it’s rewarding to see his rank up by solving puzzle. That’s why a beginner will continue until he reaches the level to succeed in multi and contest.

If you want to make the difference between solo and multi/contest, I think you should have 3 ranking systems : the global ranking as before + the new level ranking + a multi/context ranking. Then in the leaderboard we could sort by these 3 criterias.


I’m not a big fan of the new ranking. I was 130 now I’m 250…
A solution could be to have 3 rankings :

  • solo, instead of the level
  • multi, the new one
  • global, the old one

And to have different ranking names for the different parts :

  • for the solo, maybe something relative to the school : pupil, student, teacher, doctor, professor…
    -for the multi, something about fighting sport or military : underdog, lightweight, medium, heavy, sumo…
  • and keep the usual rookie to guru for the global.

I think a lot of people would prefer that, because level is not meaningful, and you are equally rewarded for solo and multi


Yeah, puzzles became pretty meaningless.
I actually planned to hit another couple of hard ones this week to improve my rank.
And after the ranking system update this all became useless.


I have to disagree with the complains I see here.
Puzzles are not meaningless, they are what they are : puzzles, solving them helps you practice algorithmics and programming. They help you learn and practice on new languages.

Now if you want to be ranked, you have to move to multiplayer games, that’s different than before, but does not change that much either. You push a very basic solution in any puzzle and you will climb the ladder pretty fast. If you want to compare your score to others go multiplayer :slight_smile:


Why those who love solving puzzles would not be entitled to ranking? Furthermore, by including community puzzles in the ranking system , there’s enough to have a meaningful ranking.


Climbing up the ranking ladder was an amusing thing to do by solving puzzles in solo mode.

This activity is complex and mind-challenging enough to deserve a ranking; the assertion “if you like the solo part of CodinGame, you’re more interested in your personal progression than your ranking among CodinGamers” is simply not true.

We enjoy competing on our ability to tackle problems of increasing complexity. We’re not competing directly one against another, which actually sounds martial, not fun and not appealing at all to me.

Being back from Grand Master to Disciple overnight is extremely disappointing & demotivating. Seriously considering quitting.


After a lot of frustration, it would be nice a new xp ranking, and displayed on personnal page, like that, people who want to be better in algorithmic can solve puzzles and other just play with clash and contest.


This is simply my opinion but I really believe there is no real point in ranking puzzles since there is no real competition in solving them. Then you can’t really compare to other players by doing so.

If you still want to compare to other player on single player puzzles basis, then you can still sort the leaderboard by achievement points :slight_smile:


Rankings, scores, competition, XP …
Just think for a second - do you really care that much? Of course scores and graphs may indirectly impact your personal pride or ambitions, but come on - don’t take it that serious.

I personally consider this site being an awesome resource to learn new algorithms and challenge my brain from time to time but that’s all, so my advice is to enjoy your life and stop complaining about rankings :slight_smile: