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Hey, I’ve just entered Codingame:grinning:, I want to ask if I can learn programming from the beginning by this website. and how I can do it. thanks for your time

Hey, you should learn the programming basics from a other tutorial website, Codingame is more like a playground where you can practice your new knowledge.

Once you got some basics

  • What’s a variable
  • What’s a if statement
  • How to write/print data

Then you should be able to do the Onboarding and the Descent.

Don’t worry, if you’re stuck, use the Hint system, or ask for help on the chat/forum.


thanks that was helpful :slightly_smiling: . Could you give an interesting website for c#?!

Just googled C# Tutorial :

Also the msdn documentation is a really good ressource when you’re stuck and need informations about a C# function.

However, the tutorial does not seem really interesting:

If you really like to read, here is the Official C# Specification :
The Introduction chapter is very well written and nice to read; but you may be familiar with programming.


:+1: thank you very much

Hi all!

Hope, my answer will not be deleted)

My friends have created an online interactive programming course to learn c# - you can try it to start learning C#. Course is designed for complete beginners There you learn just by reading an adventure story about fighting machines in the future. While reading, you meet challenges that require real coding to solve.

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