New to Coding: Where to Start?

I want to learn coding, but not sure where to start or what language to start with!
Any opinions?

Thanks~! ( ^ - ^ )/

If you can freely choose, my advice would be to start with a high level, memory managed, relatively easy language.

Python is a very good candidate (websites like codeacademy have interactive lessons for it).
Java and C# also fit the description. Javascript works too but I wouldn’t necessarily advise it as a first language.

That depends on what you might want to do later. For example:

If you want to run some code inside a browser take Javascript.

If you want to program micro controllers like Arduino take C/C++.

If you just want to learn the basics take Java, rather than C/C++ or Javascript.

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Well, the most correct answer to wanting to start coding is:

Learn how to take daily actions down into really basic steps. Like: how do you walk, or how do you ride a bike (uh… maybe not that one). Do this with pseudocode.

Maybe learn how to do Flow Charts and basic UML…

Then, I’d suggest using one of the “bad” langauges to start off with. As you will be terrible when you first start–and if the language is not that “good” of a langauge, you can blame the language more than anything else. Like BASIC and what not.

Then move into a language that forces good habits, such as Python.

This method works surprisingly well… as everybody who has done it immediately suggests not doing it–and anybody who doesn’t do it, never gets as well as the people who are suggesting not to do it.