New To CodinGame, Very Confused

Nothing really seems straightforward with this website. There are so many blinking lights, windows, flashing buttons, notifications, clickables… I am completely lost!

I tried to follow the “Quest Line” only to become even more confused and feeling like I am not learning anything and I have no idea what is going on.

Trying to understand what I am supposed to be doing or a path to progression in understanding how to program in a specific language on this website is more of a chore than just doing video tutorials on Youtube.

I thought this would be an interesting and interactive way to learn programming but it feels more like a scatterbrained idea to challenge people who already understand the fundamentals and concepts of programming.

It would be nice if it was more direct path oriented and not a “choose your own adventure” style of learning with tons of devices to distract you on your path to learning.

I literally have no idea what to do because when I try to do the next quest I feel overwhelmed by the task I am giving and left feeling like I have learned nothing from the tasks I were given before it.

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This is actually a website targeted at people who have already understood the fundamentals and concepts of programming. You may come back to practise here after you have learned the basics if that is more suitable to you.

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If you want to do some simpler puzzles/tasks/problems, maybe go to CodinGame Clash search and just pick some to do. Those are the ones used in the 15-minute “Clash of Code” competitions but if you go directly there, on that link, there is not a time limit.

Or just try to do a few of the Easy Classic Programs.
If you go here ( CG Activity – Puzzles by category ( ), you can go to easy ones, and then sort by “Success Ratio” and do the ones that are completed by most people who have tried

In the Classic Puzzles, reading from the “Discussion” tab can be helpful to understanding and getting a direction.

It is rarely spoken of here because intelligence testing has fallen out of favor in these days of delicate sensibilities, but nevertheless programming is a highly g-loaded task and you might want to check your feasibility level.