New to codingame

I’v been trying to learn to code using this website. It’s proved to be difficult for me. Is this website only for experienced coders???Is there a way I can learn to code that I don’t know about?

It depends on what’s a beginner for you.
Did you ever coded at school? Are you already at school and you want to learn how to code?
If you already chose a language, which one? Why?
What’s your problem, actually? Do you know how to manage inputs and outputs here?

The secret to success is practice, practice and practice.

Have you finished these easy puzzles?

  • Onboarding
  • Temperature
  • Thor 1
  • Descent

Finish them to prove to yourself you are really onboard.

Hey I saw this thread and had to say that coding became a recent passion of mine. I went into it developing new skills and found how great it is. So I got a job offer and the requirements was to know C#. It has been a good but tough road so far. Practice is key but where can we find detailed explanations as to how programmers got their answers?

Hey what’s up. No I’ve never coded before at school. As far as languages I was trying to learn an easy one as a start, according to google java is one of them. So I wasn’t able to do much on codeingame so I tried coursera and I’m still stuck on a test I can’t pass. I was wondering how do you guys figure things out? Do you guys memorize terminology or math formulas? I know these questions may sound kinda stupid. I just thought talking to somebody who’s been doing it for a while could help out. I signed up to coursera to try to figure things out and it turns out I’m still stuck on a test I can’t pass. I can’t gonna keep trying though. What Ive learned so far is characters, string, integers, doubles and boolean. The problem is I dont know how to apply any of these stuff yet. Some input and out terminology as well.

I would love to practice if I knew what I was doing. Kinda lost in the sauce right now if you know what I mean.

Hey what’s up. I saw you’re post and it sounds very inspiring what you’ve done so far. Hopefully I can get there one day myself. I’m pretty new to coding so unfortunately I can’t answer the questions you’re seeking, but I’m sure the guys that are on these forums can help you out.

If you cannot finish any of the said easy puzzles, you’d better find basic tutorials for reference.
coursera…it looks more like focusing on cert exams trainings, not for newbies.
The java section in w3schools may suit you better.

Thank you java coffee cup for the tip. I will definitely look into it.

ok ive literally never coded anything in my life and for some reason i have a sudden interest. let me get to the point lol
does anyone have any tips that could be helpful for a coding noob like me? thanks!

You should begin with a Python for dummies book, for example.
Try to solve easy puzzles here with its help.

I don’t think this is the right space for me to learn to code. I like the concept of the platform, but I think it is geared towards those who have more than a basic understanding of programming.

I am not a sysadmin, I don’t work in WebDev, or DevOps, or any other area of digital technology, or IT. Yet, I am fascinated by technology and am eager to learn to code and develop (on my own, or in collaboration) a useful piece of kit (I have an idea that I would like to develop), but I kmow not nearly enough to participate on this platform, or to begin fleshing out my idea.

I find courses that “teach” how to program, do so from an academic standpoint; real-world application of coding knowledge is either non-existent, or way too complicated as an “introduction” to a concept.

So, how do I begin to effectively learn to program?