Next Community Contest Updates

I’ll keep this thread updated with every news about the next community contest(s):

  • Dates are not defined yet. For now, we don’t think a game will be ready before end of February
  • 11 volunteers so far for possibly 4 teams (= 4 contests).
  • If you want to contribute to a future contest, let me know here or by email ( There is currently a waiting list of 2 CodinGamers.

About contests:

  • We wont be holding multi-sponsors contests (like Wonder Woman, Coders of the Caribbean…) anymore, but we’ll have others solo-sponsor contests (like Code4Life, TheAccountant…).
  • We’ll support the creation of community contests as much as possible.

Liked, even if sad for multi-sponsors… well let’s hope you’ll find lots of solo-sponsors & community creators.

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Good luck to creators :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to participate too if possible.
I think it could be fun to make a Hold’em challenge or other card-based games, if the platform supports it. Currently most challenges revolve around graphs…