No console output on Ubuntu 22.04

I’m getting no console output when running test cases.

Tried various puzzles and clashes, TS and F# for languages, FF and Chrome for browsers. OS is Ubuntu 22.04.
Am I missing something? Shame, cause the website seems like a lot of fun otherwise.

Which puzzles have you tried? Does it work if you just run the default code?

Tried The Descent, Shadows of The Knight 1 and 2, and CodinGame. Same problem for two clashes I tried and same for the default code.

There seemed to be some issues with the website in the past 24 hours. Try clearing the cache and reloading and see if that helps. If not, maybe you’ll have to wait until the bug is fixed.

I have no output at all when the puzzle has game animation output. I get CORS policy error in console. Puzzle’s output with no graphics are ok.

Today I logged in and everything is working fine :person_shrugging:
So yay and thanks for the help, guys! :slight_smile: