No more autocompletion or indication of syntax errors

Hi. It seems like there is a new editor. It looks more colorful and maybe has an improved syntax highlighting. But the autocompletion is gone completly and syntax errors are not indicated anymore. The editor is almost useless in this state. It all worked well in the past contests.

Also the shortcuts changed, e.g. I could delete a line with Ctrl-D, not it seems to be Ctrl-Shift-K. Can I change this somewhere?


This has been discussed in Discord. A fix is ongoing. I’ll get more details about it.

About shortcuts: you can customize them: right click => open keyboard shortcuts (but this menu entry will move very soon in the settings on the left of the ide)

You just have to uncomment the ctrl+d part

About syntax checking and completion, our previous editor (ace) has such features for javascript by default

Our new editor (Monaco) has them as well but they were not enabled for the moment. Things may change in the near future.

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Autocompletion + syntax error is back now for JS + TS


Oh it’s so AWESOME! :wink:

Thanks to both of you, that’s much better now =)

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