No ranking in some optimization challenges when re-submitting code from Python2 to Python3


I used to code a few challenges in Python2 and switched only recently to Python 3.
I’ve seen that Python2 have been removed from the list of languages, and I think that’s why my general ranking in “optimization” category dropped suddenly because some of my solutions for these challenges were in Python2.
Now, when I edit my python2 submissions for the optimization challenges, port them to Python3 and submit, I get the same score (fortunately!) but the ranking stays on “N/A”?
For example on “code of the rings”, I get a score of 5699 with my Python3 solution, which should rank me 424 but it doesn’t seem to be taken into account?
I also have the problem on “code vs zombies” but I’m not ranked in top 1000 so I cannot estimate my theoretical ranking. The only one were it finally worked and I got my ranking back was the “mars lander” challenge.
Could you please have a look at this problem?

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Lemme check

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hi, apparently i have had the same problem.
By chance took a look at why a friend was ranked higher than me…
My optimization points dropped to 0 CP recently.

import sys; print >> sys.stderr, sys.version_info
COMPILES and reports
** Standard Error Stream:
sys.version_info(major=2, minor=7, micro=16, releaselevel='final', serial=0)**
although the language selection box reads ‘Python 3’.

i just resubmitted the python2-code and it seems to “work” (everything green in IDE and also in ‘result’).
Rank still stays at N/A.

If your code was magically migrated to python 3, it’s still running in py2 even though the language is set to 3.

I fixed the problem and repushed your Python3 code in CvZ and Cotr on your behalf. You should be able to see your rank again.


Yep, the problem seems fixed. Thanks!

Your code should now be properly marked as Python3 instead of Python, and thus won’t compile anymore until you fixed it. Once it’s done, you will be able to push in Python3 and get a new score.