Noob and his problems

im new to this where can i get support from other users rather than rather listen to other people who have struggled than from a offence

Define “pro”. Profesional developer ? Or just an “expert” on this site in particular ?

You can find help on this forums or in this webchat.

yeah teachers or experts id rather listen to others who have been where ive been not to say that the experts havnt as im sure they have but they advanced a lot since then i want to talk to people at the same place im at.if that makes sense??

It sounds like you’re looking for people who’ve been stumped and figured it out, but recently as opposed to ‘back when I started…’ Fair enough.

You can get help in the forums and in chat, like Magus said. They are not segregated by experience level, though. If you phrase your questions to limit the responders (anyone done xxx recently and know why zzz happens?) you might get something close to what you want. No guarantee, though.

Most of the heavies in here are good about giving clues and advice that’ll lead you the right way rather than spouting off the answer. This goes double if you specifically say that you don’t want the answer, just a hint. They know that half the fun is in figuring things out and no one wants to spoil it.