Not getting XP anymore


Sorry to bother but i noticed that the puzzles i solved last week :slight_smile:

  • first : they dont give me XP anymore
  • second : in the puzzle screen reads 100% but no “success”
  • third: maybe my level is wrong

Is there something i can do ?

Same for me. I solved yesterday MIME Type and Temperatures with 100% but no achievements unlocked and no XP.

What’s weird is that this problem doesn’t affect everyone.

I did a few puzzles yesterday and I got exp every single time.
I even gained a level.
Today the exp and level are still here, I did another puzzle, gained exp as usual.

I think it’s related to the issues we’ve had with the DB this weekend. Achievements and XP should unlock in a few hours.

Sorry it happened and thank you for reporting this

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thank you for your help, it s ok now