Objective opinion on a contribution


If this post is annoying, I will delete it.

I just created my first reverse puzzle for quick clash of code.
I’ve already received 4 downvotes without comment, could someone give me an objective opinion?

I want to improve myself, improve my exercise and participate actively in this beautiful community.

The link of the exercise below

Thanks in advance.


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I think some people automatically downvote all WIPs since so many are abandoned and they clog the page for a month.

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Your validators are the same as the test cases. People seeing it will DV or reject immediately. Read the FAQ/rules first.

Besides, I think this kind of “find the pattern” exercises are already flooding in the pool. Better problem settings could be “even if I told you the pattern you still need some skills to implement it”.


I think these comments are placed better at the contribution discussion itself, where other reviewers can see them and hopefully reconsider a rushed approval (one can still dream).
Scattering the discussion over different places without any indication doesn’t help.