OBJECTIVE opinion on the worst programming language

During this summer I’m about to learn new languages and I think that some of them are pretty disappointing. For exemple Go doesn’t use the same syntaxe for date and hour ( Mon Jan 2 15:04:05 MST 2006 ).
Do you have other suggestions about this topic so we can deduce the worst programming language?

INTERCAL is what you’re looking for.

This video may be a good reference. The presenter didn’t name a single worst programming language, though, but presented many broken ideas from different programming languages and combined them into a truly awful programming language.

The Worst Programming Language Ever - Mark Rendle - NDC Oslo 2021 - YouTube


INTERCAL is more a parodic langage I was seaching more for real langages

That’s an interesing youtube chain, thanks for learning me about it.
Also this conference is absolutely what I was looking for.

It is always the one I am using at the time of asking… :slight_smile:
Although the ‘WTF / minute’ ratio varried a little bit by language, when I took the challenge to convert some of my CG puzzle solutions to 27 languages…

Parodic and real aren’t antonyms.

The irony of failed parodies which become the flagship of the things they denounced …

I agree with you. Dog and cat aren’t antonymes, but asking which dog breed is the cutest you will not suggest a cat.