Ocean of Code - Company/School leaderboards


we have activated the feature to have the leaderboards of companies and schools. It will be used in the Spring Challenge 2020.

If you have any questions/remarks/suggestions about it, shoot!


I’ve seen a few people from the same school as me but we don’t appear in the school ranking.
I assume this ranking only takes into account people that are currently students (filled in student info in their profile but not the professional part) right?

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yes. I’ve added some information about it in the FAQ in the contest page.

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Nice feature, adding another layer of competition.
Maybe we shall give some negative handicap to Thales Group? Being a major player in Defence & Security industry might be too much advantage. Who knows, maybe they had complete real submarine control code already on stock? :slight_smile: I work in a peaceful industry, so my bot is hesitating even to issue a single TORPEDO or TRIGGER command… :slight_smile:


Love it! :heart_eyes:

Just a few minor tweaks that I’d like to suggest:
For companies this is obviously of marketing/publicity interest, so it should be presented in that way. Cutting off parts of the name or web address should hence be avoided.

Most importantly: The company website must be linked to! It’s kind of ridiculous that you sometimes even write the domain names, but fail to link them. (Also if you link them, you can gain back the real estate for the domain name, as it isn’t needed if Logo/Name are linked well.)

On a company-personal note: where do the logos come from and how can I have it updated?

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thank you for the feedback. Logos come from Clearbit API. I can update it manually if you provide me with the right logo.

Good points for the domains. I think we should remove them. We should have an update soon to avoid cutting off names I believe.

Are you sure about Clearbit? I cannot find our company at https://clearbit.com/logo no matter what I enter? Could it be that you manually added our old logo we used for the hub previously?

possibly :grimacing:

My company logo is so wrong on clearbit. I hope codingame is not using this one :smiley:

For my company to appear in the leaderboard what is the minimum no. of participants needed? (Is it possible to reduce it?) In OOC my company was not in the leaderboard. So I wish my company to appear at least in the leaderboard during spring challenge. I’ve even asked them to give me less work because I’m representing my company for this contest :stuck_out_tongue:

3 participants are needed for the team to appear in the leaderboard. By participant, I mean a player with a score (someone who submitted)

user samdilip is not showing in the leaderboard in top 100 companies ranking. Kindly check.

In my experience an exact string match is needed for the name of companies.

This user chose not to participate in the Spring Challenge company leaderboard. He unchecked the checkbox “participate with my company”

He was in the ranklist. But after adding the logo he got removed. Could you please add him back to leaderboard? I’ve already spoken to him. He says there is no option to check any box now.

I can’t change your friend’s setting without his approval. He can reach out to me. Adding the logo didn’t remove him from the team

Hi I don’t remember checking or unchecking the option. I was initially on the company list. But after I made some update on my profile, I was not showing in my company list. I searched for any settings to rejoin, unable to find one. Can you please add me to the company or guide me in doing so.

Done. There might be a bug. I’ll do some checks.

Unfortunately, leaderboards dont always justify themselves, because theyre more tailored to the needs of the company/school itself, which could just buy this rating. Its clear that this doesnt apply to all institutions, but only to some, for moral reasons I wont name them. When I chose college, I also focused on the leaderboards, I dont remember which place was asa college Miami, but in my impressions of the education I would put it in the top position. Any rating is just a subjective opinion, now I understand it. Although of course I don’t tend to pick anything at the end of the rankings, I think they might be there for reason.