Ocean of Code - my league level is lagging


Not sure where to post this.

I’ve received an email a few hours ago notifying me I was promoted to Gold in the OOC contest. I was out with friends spreading the good germsvibes at the time, but hey, one’s allowed to live right?

I mean, when I got back I was still in Silver, even though the message told us “those better than the boss will be promoted at 18:04” [*], and we’re way past that now so I’m really confused.

Why am I not Gold yet?

[*] your TZ may vary.

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Some bug occured and everyone got promoted by a mistake.

Well, that makes for a funky situation, doesn’t it :smiley:

I’m currently in the inconsistent situation where I’ve got this notification but the XP doesn’t show in my XP log any more; I’ve been level upped but my XP to next level is a very suspicious 0. Edit: even funkier: I’m now 15th in the XP ranking with a higher level than the 14th. :rofl: And, of course, my league is (at time of posting) still silver.

I really can’t wait until the postmortem, I’m sure there’s a lot for all of us to learn from it!