Ocean of Code - Performance in IDE vs Leaderboard

Hi, guys
First of all I very like new contest Ocean of Code and want to thank you all of the people who developed it.

But now I faced with problem(is it?) which prevents me from further progress in the game. I found discrepancy between my bot performance in IDE and in my position in League Leaderboard.

Yesterday I got promoted to Silver league, made some tweaks to my bot including all the rules, test it agains Silver bot. Performance was very good (out of 20 simulations with different map my bot won 14 of them(70%), lose 4 (20%) and 2 was tie(10%)) as I thought so I submit my code. But after completing 100 % of battles my bot was far lower in leaderboard (with about of 15 points) than Silver bot(which has 26 points).
In my understanding if my bot wins more than 50% of battles with the same bot it should be ranked higher. Or I miss something?
Such a performance discrepancy didn’t happened before with me. Neither in another contests, nor in another leagues of Ocean Of Code. And I always try to improve my bot against bot of current league. But now I cannot measure effectiveness of my changes because I already won most of the games.

Could someone explains me whether my logic above is correct and my bot should be higher in rank than Cpt. Haddock(Silver bot) or I didn’t understand how the leaderboard works? May be it is bug in Silver league ranking?

P.S. I tried to remove bot from IDE and re-add them again (I thought maybe this is bot from another league or something) but it changed nothing.

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To be ranked above a rank, you have to win at least 50% of the time against every bot under that rank. Not only one bot.

Winning 50% of the time against the boss won’t put you in the next league if you win only 20% of the time against all other bots.


To some extent you’re right, but only because there’s often a bottleneck formed just below the boss. Bunch of bots that are strong for the league and you would normally promote if they weren’t there, but not with them around. On top of that you sometimes rarely get any games vs boss even if your bot ends up high during the submit.

But the opposite is also an issue, a lot of people that shouldn’t be promoted get promoted by dropping the boss and get stuck at the very bottom of the next league and would normally rank lower than the top from the previous league.

Also what you did was optimize vs a specific bot, which only means you win the rock-paper-scissors game vs that bot.


Thanks for explanation. It make sense.
I’ve tried to play agains bots just below boss and my win rate is not so high now.

BTW, Is number in the leaderboard counts something(like total win rate or something)?