[optimisations] no CP

Hello everybody !

I have a question : I finished several optimisation games, but I still have no CP at all for optimization category. Does someone know if this is normal ? Here’s what I can see (cannot upload images because I’m new) :

None (0CP)
code vs zombies : 3444th / 15119 - (and then, for codinpoints, just : ) / 2500
A * craft : 614th / 1345 - / 2500

Thank you.

These point values are updated daily, not immediately. You’ll see your points the next day.

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I finished 2 other optimization games (A*craft & codingame sponsored challenge) several days ago, but it didn’t updated. Yesterday, I finished a third one (code vs zombies), and today, it indeed updated.

I don’t undestand why it didn’t updated before, but you’re right, now it did.

Than you !