Optimization Code Size

Please forbid the use of exec functions.

In the temperatures puzzles for example… the first in C# has 100 characters but it’s a call to launch a perl/python/whatever code through an exec function. I’m second with 164 but true legit C#.

Also, the rankings in optimizations are meaningful by language and not really globally since each has its limited capabilities.
Please consider that when it comes to points gained from it. It’s unfair IMO when you get only points from the global ranking (and not fun either).

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I couldn’t agree more, but has already been discussed elsewhere (dunno the exact topic), short answer is: it’s difficult to implement, but will be done in due time.

That’s not the case, you get point by raking in one language, actually the calculation is something like this:

For your 5 best languages, so up to 1000


Yes I agree, and visually it look like so, but it doesn’t in fact calculate by global leaderboard, so I’d like if it could display your rank on said language too, because it’s far more relevant.

Well in this case actually I’m screwed by the first ranked in C# since he uses an exec. XD But the points loss is little I guess.

Your points:

GOLFS: 633 CG Points
	C#	3/206	190
	Js	67/294	61
Power of Thor
	C#	53/1235	160
	Ruby	89/417	65
	C++	1772/1775 1
The Paranoid Android
	C#	28/407	141
	Ruby	71/139	14
	C++	536/536	1

You’re third, not second on temperature C#

I’m 2nd with 164 chars. Someone else is too at 164. But I was at 164 before him. So I should be 2nd. So does he, or at least only me since I was the first at this score IMHO. And since the first “cheats” I should be first in fact with correct rules (but I can’t really argue now since there’s no rules about this exec thing yet).
So I’m losing 10 points with your calculation. Seems huge.

It’s not my calculation, it’s Codingame’s. 10 points are nothing at all really, 190/200 seems really fine to me.

How do you get codingpoints by language easily ?
I have to manage my own Excel sheet (at least for optimization code) to handle these points and know where I have to gain.

Do a POST request on https://www.codingame.com/services/LeaderboardsRemoteService/getPuzzleLeaderboard

To know exactly what parameters to give, you have to open Chromium or Firefox console to look up the request that codingame is using to get specific information.

Long story short, every time you see a yellow loading bar on codingame, a POST request is done, and you can see it through the console.

That way I did a small tool that allow me to have all necessary infos for any user :slight_smile: I’ll make it public one day if it’s good enough, for now it’s ugly as hell and full of bug