Optimizing the Mars Lander Puzzle from scratch!

I am building my way up to the mars lander optimization puzzle so I thought I should optimize the easy puzzle first and build my way up from there. So I though why not create a topic to show my results (later talk methods) and see how other people compare :smiley:

This is my highscore so far:

End fuel is 314 L.

So yea, I am curious to see how everyone else has done :slight_smile:

I have made some improvements and I now consistently get 317 L of fuel and my highscore is 321 L :smiley:

Here is what my MC algorithm gives ^^

Probably the max for this one :slight_smile:

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Nice! So I am close :sunglasses: How can we check the max though? I thought 314 was the max, and then that 317 was the max, and … you get the idea :wink:

Cannot know for sure ; it’s just that whatever the number of simulations / move, I always reach this optimum in a very short time.

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