Option of delete a Message in Chat

hello to everyone i like codingame but there was condition that there was a delete option in chat to delete wrong message. I think it is right to have a delete option .
Thank You !
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The codingame webchat is an XMPP chat. I’m not sure if XMPP allows message deletion.

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We could remove the message from our chat history (it’s stored in an external database), but I’m not aware of a standard way to remove it using the XMPP protocol (we should also send a message to the clients to ask them to hide the deleted message). I suppose we could edit the message and replace it by an empty message (this does exist with XMPP).

Anyway, we’re currently investigating whether we should upgrade the current chat (that is old and not really maintained), or start from scratch with another solution.


XEP 308 does mostly that.

The migration to XMPP was introduced with the exact same reasoning. :hear_no_evil:


It’s the never ending dev cycle.

Create something with a technology. Wait some years. The technology is outdated. Begin again.


The JBM guidelines abridged:

Code is old → That’s not actually a problem.
Code is unmaintained → Maintain the code.
Code has a security flaw → Bring it offline.

We want to try out [insert latest shiny fad here] ← [insert anything but business reasons here]
We try out [insert latest shiny fad here] → Either as a replacement, in which case it will fail to account for part of the uses of the former; or as a supplement, in which case the user base will get confused and possibly split.

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