Organic Compounds

IN Organic Compounds By CyberLemonade there are 10 completions, but 19 ratings. What algorithm is this? Why more ratings than completions? Thanks.

The author (and may be approvers too) can vote but their submitted solutions are not counted in completion.
People who have partially finished the puzzle can vote and they are obviously not in completion count.

And it’s a caching problem I guess.
There are more than 10 published solutions, the number of solvers is just wrong (not only for that puzzle).

I’d like to follow up on Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better

First I had no idea how to solve this puzzle and felt I was missing a key piece of information. Only after reading the other forum comments regarding this puzzle did I learn that the n of a carbon unit and the number of adjacent bonds must equal 4.

Maybe I could have deduced this from the available information (as quotes below) but it would have been a great help for me if this just was just available as a note that n of a carbon unit and the number of adjacent bonds must equal 4.

The inputs given will have a valid representation, but the bonds might not be matching. For example, a carbon unit with n=1 should have 3 adjacent bonds, one with n=2 should have 2 adjacent bonds, etc.


In carbon units, 0≤n≤4
In bonds, 0<m≤4