Overwhelming CAPTCHA


I’m not sure if this is normal behavior, but everytime I want to enter a Clash of Code room, I get a very long CAPTCHA, I usually spent between 2 or 3 minutes answering the CAPTCHA, and it’s very annoying.

Thanks for your help

EDIT: I just saw the other similar post, it is said that CAPTCHA appears when you do a large amount of clash in the same day. Is ~50 large enough? :frowning:

EDIT2: I actually counted, and I did 96 (yesterday evening + today)

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Holy cats! I think CG should assume that, past 50 successfully passed captchas, you are not a robot, but just just an addict. You should really spend some time playing on your game console instead or maybe hunt some pokémons outside (not that easy with this damn sun which is way too bright). :sun_with_face:

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Yes this is well known.

Btw you can fake your location and catch pokemans at home @Aries1

EVERY SINGLE TIME I start a clash, I have to do a freaking capatcha can you please disable them?


They got to be the most annoying in a contest.

Especially in a random one where the start of a submit matters the most.

I have the same issue and it’s getting extremely annoying.
What’s worse, the captchas take forever to complete I have to solve like 20 pictures, it’s ridiculous.
I spend more time solving captchas than I do solving puzzles!

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Actually, that is the ultimate CG AI coding challenge. Write a bot that does all the CAPTCHAs right for you. :slight_smile:


Seriously though this needs to be addressed.
I have never seen such a bad implementation of a Captcha.
Imagine you had to complete a 30s+ captcha every time you send an email, watch a video etc.

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