People log and expose the World chat

E.g. here. (Nah, I won’t link it.)

CodinGame chat description and mechanism clearly suggest that my messages will be seen by the ~5 logged people, and will disappear ~15 mins later, not that my messages will be automatically published to the world, availablbe to my wife, employer, and such.

I think CodinGame should do at least the basic things to protect me, and my data from the scrapers, clearly state in the rules that one must not expose other users (and ban them), ban the scraper bots, close XMPP and make scraping harder, and be very clear on the chat, that my messages might will; and actually do get public, with my name, face, and every message that I wrote in the fate that they will be seen only for the ~5 online people, for ~15 mins.

Also e.g. things like this Building Chatbots with Markov Chains and Neural Networks

If you want to develop your own chatbot one day, here are some tips.
First, store all available information, even if you don’t currently plan on using it.

encouraging users to mass collect sensitive information of each other should be taken down.

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:rofl: if I can say.
't was a great moment on #world chat. Here are the logs for posterity sake: (Will only be available in a few hours).