PHP Dev Tools

I posted a longer article on tech .io about a bunch of dev tools you might find useful when solving CodinGame puzzles in PHP, but also in some other projects outside CG.


I tried to be beginner-friendly, covering php, git, github, VS code, xdebug, phpcs, php-cs-fixer, phpstan, plus very briefly also composer & some more.

Any suggestions for improvements welcome.


Thanks for the article ! ^^

I knew about XDebug for VS Code, but I never find a way to make it work on my laptop (some tutorials missed important details or I’m just too bad to follow them correctly, I don’t really know). I’ll give you a review after applying your tutorial.

In addition, you can add PHP Sandbox ( to the ressources page. It’s a wonderful online tool for quick testing PHP code with many available options (primary is the choise of running PHP versions) and an easy access to an improved PHP documentation.

In 90% of the cases I don’t bother to set up the input for a local test run, just add error_log()s and run it in CG, but for a more compex bug, Xdebug + VS Code combo is a real lifesaver.

The site you mentioned looks fine, I did not know about it. In context of CG, the multiple-php-version online runner is not too relevant, but the library docs is fine, a bit better organized than the official one on php .net.