Platinum Rift II - Win TShirt of Pirquessa during a SC2 tournament

We will simply do a ladder: you play a BO3 vs all players. The 2 best players play for a final. That’s all. It’s for fun, we do not need a lot of rules.

I think he asked about the duration/date of the actual tournament.
Will it be announced by mail ? On the binarybeast website ?

Could be cool to manage the 5 ladder match in 2 weeks as soon as @webneat register !

Sorry for being late, I joined the tournament

Good, I just add you guys on bnet. @webneat, @islam_mahmoud_fci you need to give your character code in your tournament registration account.

@webneat, @islam_mahmoud_fci we are waiting for your character code… :wink:

Hello Pirquessa ,
Sorry for being too late but I am out from this tournament … I wish I could participate but I have something to do these days good luck for the rest :smiley:
Sorry again for making you waiting for nothing .

I guess I will just make you waiting for nothing because I am not familiar with such tournament. So I am out from this one. Sorry for making you waiting till now.
You can start now and let us know who is the winner :smiley:
Good luck and have fun !

It’s a tournament for fun… But as you like… :’(


I, and everyone else (except Pirquessa) made a mistake when registering our SC2 nick/code. There are two codes, one for realId (4 digits) and one for SC2 game character (3 digits). The required one is the latter. I fixed my registration, now it’s up to fafl and Sparshong to do the same :wink:

Sorry i don’t understand this. Your entry says “Neumann.2724”, which is 4 digits. Was this not what you entered as “Name.CharacterCode”?

Can you tell me how i can obtain the required information?

Ok I updated the wrong information. Now it’s fixed :slight_smile:
The correct code can be retrieved by following these instructions :

PS : I may have been wrong when I said that character codes are always 3 digits long. They appear to be 4 digits long sometimes… Anyway, the page I linked will show you how to get the correct one.

Ok it should be fixed now. How can i see if it works?

It does, I added you IG.