Platinum Rift II - Win TShirt of Pirquessa during a SC2 tournament

As you might have seen in the blog post (fr / en), I just won a brand new TShirt with PR2. Since I already won 2 other ones, I can offer you this one through a little SC2 tournament.

I would like to be sure that there are at least 6 people to compete. The only constraint is to be ranked with a positive score in PR2. So please answer this post with your CG nick AND SC2 league. If we have enough participants we will arrange some battles to find a winner !



Former GM, currently Gold Terran beast here !

I’ll be #1 for sure, HAHAHA

Hi there,
My nick is webNeat and I am ready for any challenge :smiley:

Hello Pirquessa ,
can I join this tournament ? My Name is whiteChess

Sweet ! Some SC2 players !
Don’t forget to tell Pirquessa in which league your are :wink:

It looks like you have a positive score… You can compete !

Hi there, I’m Sparshong and was in plat when i was playing actively SC2 (surely this T-shirt should only be awarded to platinum players…;-)).

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Hi there, my nick in SC2 is KaizenBarst and im ranked around gold/platinum in 1v1.


It’s good to see some contestants ! Please give us your codingame pseudo too :wink:

We need one more participant to start the tournament.


On codingame i recently changed my nick from seriousBusiness to fafl

We still need one more participent… If none is found the 18 of january, I’ll play !

Up up up ! Still 2 days to register !

18 of december #GENIUS

Is it still happening ?

Well, I’ll have to play and kick some asses !

Tournament has been created here:

You have to login & join the tournament. Because we are not a lot of participants we will make a ladder and a simple final. All in BO3.

We are waiting for you guys :wink:

I have never participated in a tournament like that, could you explain how it works?

How do we schedule matches? How do we make a match “official”? Will there be a spectator? Do we play best of three or something like that?


We are not a lot, let’s do it in BO3 (first to win 2 maps).

As soon as the tournament is started, you will have to do matches vs other players. I think the binarybeast will tell you that the rules I set (BO3, map pool…). When the match is done, you put the result in binarybeast and go to the next match.

We are waiting for @islam_mahmoud_fci / whiteChess & @webneat…

Hello @Pirquessa ,
can you explain more ?? I registered my self in the tournament but really I don’t have any idea what’s the next step because I did’n’t participated in competitions like this before.