"Play all testcases" doesn't works

Hi everyone,

I just finished my first Puzzle (Maze from Bob) and I am a little bit desapointed.

When I run each testcase, one after one (by commenting other output display), it works but, when I display all outputs, it failed.

I’m using Python 3 and a sys.stdout.flush() between the first testcase and the 2nd one do nothing. On the other hand, an exit() validate the first testcase and permit the second to load but as you guess, it failed in turn.

If someone can help me to validate my first Codingame program, I would be really happy :smiley:

Thank you guys,


Did you hardcode your answers ? Because it seems that you did it when you say “by commenting other output display”.

You program should output something based on the provided inputs only.

If it’s your first program on CodinGame you should start with : https://www.codingame.com/training/easy/onboarding

Oh I think I understood! This is because I called my process and print it for each testcase without using “input()” omg… Yes I hardcoded w, h, x, y and the maze for each test… You can laugh right now :smiley:

Thank you so much bro :wink: