Please add Common Lisp

I don’t care if its sbcl or ccl.

Your platform is pretty great, and it would be nice to work on the problems in CL too.

Any plans?



+1 I am currently learning common lisp an it would be great to do some of the exercices with lisp :smile:


Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is Common Lisp.


Please tell us if common lisp will be added??

Thank you


We are still waiting!

+1 for Common Lisp.

Come on guys, I bet that’s easy for you guys and it would make us sooooo happy!!!

Thank you

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+1 : Common Lisp ! Common Lisp ! Common Lisp ! :smiley:

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Yes, Common Lisp please! (preferably SBCL :innocent: )

+1 for Common Lisp. SBCL would be perfect.

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+1 Watching this

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Adding CL should not be hard, is there any update on this?

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And still no CL so far.

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Still no CL to this day. #sadlife

Please? :slight_smile:

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(defun beg ()
(format t “PLEEEEEASE <3 <3”))

I’m gonna bump it again. :stuck_out_tongue:

bumping this again :smiley: Common Lisp would be a great addition!

Please tell us if there will be a common lisp?
and can I be a member of the forum without publishing information about myself
in advance thanks
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yes please! :>

Nthing this.

Just came back to codingame for the first time in ages hoping to be able to try out a bit of Common Lisp.

Ended up disappointed to find it wasn’t there, but glad to see from this thread that I’m not the only one looking forward to CL being added in due course.

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