Please add Common Lisp


I don’t care if its sbcl or ccl.

Your platform is pretty great, and it would be nice to work on the problems in CL too.

Any plans?



+1 I am currently learning common lisp an it would be great to do some of the exercices with lisp :smile:


Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is Common Lisp.


Please tell us if common lisp will be added??

Thank you


We are still waiting!


+1 for Common Lisp.

Come on guys, I bet that’s easy for you guys and it would make us sooooo happy!!!

Thank you


+1 : Common Lisp ! Common Lisp ! Common Lisp ! :smiley:


Yes, Common Lisp please! (preferably SBCL :innocent: )


+1 for Common Lisp. SBCL would be perfect.


+1 Watching this


Adding CL should not be hard, is there any update on this?


And still no CL so far.