Please add the following programming languages

Hey there,

Here’s your chance to suggest a new programming language for CodinGame.

The rules are as follows:

Put one programming language per post (do not spam 10 programming language in a row) so that users can like your post if the language seems popular/useful. Please try to describe in a few sentences why the language seems good to you and why it should be on CodinGame.

Happy Codin!


Lets add Rust as a programming language.


Rust just reached its 1.0 status and seems to be a competitor to C/C++.
Its goal set safety, speed, and concurrency could be proved and allows developers to learn how to implement common algorithms with it on CodinGame.


come on, let’s add FoxPro

EDIT MOD: I’m not sure if you’re serious or not, and if you are, try to develop a little please

no, i’m not serious, sorry :slight_smile:

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I vote for CoffeeScript, it’s basically Javascript without the cons of the heavy syntax and a bunch of useful shortcut.

It’s indentation based like python so most of the code feels lighter.

Click here to find out about Coffescript power

Coupled with good javascript library like underscore or lodash, you can do amazing things in a concise way.

Vote for more coffee :slight_smile:

EDIT: on my computer I have some trouble clicking on my link, you need to Ctrl+Click or open it on new tab


Prolog would be a great addition. It is a very powerfull language when it comes to solve a system with constraint, such as finding the smallest path in a graph. I would have solve multiple problems with prolog if it was available.

For example, I assume that the supercomputer problem would be trivial using prolog.

But I’m not sure if it would be as powerfull for each problem, or even if the system of inputs and ouputs you use can work in prolog.


Actually, while I agree that it would be great to support Prolog, I think you are mistaken regarding supercomputer. It should be trivial to solve the problem in prolog but I’m afraid the naive solution will be too slow to pass the last tests*. The expected solution has a complexity of O(n log n) and its implementation using an imperative language is trivial (finding the algorithm and be sure it works is not trivial though).

*Last time I’ve developed something in Prolog it was 5 years ago, I might be wrong but also very surprised.

I’ll try when I have some time, just to see. I think that it would be great for all the problems about graphs.

Julia : feels like Python or matlab, runs faster than Java (a great JIT).


I’d love to see PureBasic in CodinGame. Its a quite fast compiler which runs on Win, Linux and OSX designed and maintained by a french team from Paris. Many games been written in PureBasic which includes a 3D engine and game oriented libraries.
It has a large active community with a forum where source codes are available by just copy-paste. Low level very fast code can be found there. Executables can be ran without setup from a usb key or sd card.
I used it for my job (DSP programming) and found it’s often faster than C while the instruction set is wide and the lead developer is a firmware assembly expert.

Take a look at its web :

PS : I wrote my codinGame custom code extensions with PureBasic. The main reason is light executables (40kb with no runtime or dll) and IDE-compiler (5 seconds to launch IDE).

I don’t know if it is even possible and i am more unsure because i couldn’t find anything about it at CG so far, but how about Windows PowerShell?
Maybe it’s really obvious, but i don’t see why / isn’t PowerShell turing complete / is it too similar with .NET?
I have to learn Windows PowerShell since i have to write scripts for Windows Server / Active Directory (i would rather do linux/bash scripting but enterprise uses a lot windows where i am -_-) and i was thinking, it would be much fun to do the CodinGame Puzzles with it.


Powershell? Why not VB or MS-DOS?


So i guess it’s too integrated with cmdlets and stuff? :confused:

Yeah, that shouldn’t be a motivation, the point is to learn and practice, not find an easy way out.

That’s not it, language are added one at a time because CG have to do default template for each language which can adapt to each puzzle to make a default input code. That and debugging, keeping the specific compiler up to date and stuff, so before adding a language, they try to see if it’s popular, widely asked, new or useful.

That said, You both can propose any language you want, a good notice on how popular a language is on CG could be by how many like your proposition can raise.

Anyway, don’t be intimidated by the skeptical, but defend your point of view so that outsiders can see why your language could be cool.

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Right, i learnt and practice during 30 years, while I still cannot guess how to scan USB midi port or sniff my IP frames just by trying to read every memory addresses , These are the points you will find on PB forum. The process algorithms are yours, but you need some code to open the doors.

That could appear a little old-fashioned, but what about COBOL ?

I agree that can be a little difficult, particularly because of its “English-like” writing and its complex sructuring, nevertheless with all its revisions since its creation, now it integrates modern concepts such as object-oriented programming.

And by the way, bank and insurance companies look more and more for new COBOL programmers, because their current programmers are close to retirement for many, and they don’t want to change all their software. Thus there is a future for those who master that language.

So, why not ? :blush:


April fools is kind of a thing… and a possible thing for April Fools would be to add silly langauges… and then just leave them in as an option to use later on.

For April Fools additions, I suggest the following list.

  • Intercal
  • Brainfuck
  • Malbolge
  • Whitespace

Again… the reason is mostly just: programmers have a sense of humour… and having an April Fools announcement of being able to submit your code in these languages… would be something everybody would enjoy on some level.


Good old Fortran?


brainfuck is already a language in bilbo’s forest puzzle :wink:


Somebody suggested Fortran… I’d like to agree to that–mostly to have a few legacy languages to be something to ave to work with.

Fortran and Algol-68 would be awesome mostly to work from a historical perspective… and also for some rather older book material and coding examples.

Dammit… Fortran is going to be the computer equivalent of Latin and Algol-68 being the computer version of Sanskrit and Enigma that “Ancient Sumerian”… I freaking swear.


Separate comment to handle it as a separate thread…

Perhaps throw in 6501 Assembler. As with how much back porting is considered “the kewl thing” (yes, it has to be spelled like an asshole would)… it would be interesting to see a few puzzles solved in 6501 Assembler.