Release log: what's happening on the platform


You probably remember the old Log Book: Sprint Release. It’s back!

2017-01-09 Happy new year!

First week of the year, we’re starting slowly. Here’s what happened last week.

  • Clash of Code anti-bot measures : Recently several weird bot-like behaviors have been noticed. We’ve thus added captchas at the beginning of CoC for first-time players and players with too many plays in a short amount of time. Some flagged users also get this captcha all the time.
  • Contest share pop-up : Once you register to the contest, you can share your love on social networks. The more shares, the more hints for #GhostInTheCell, just saying.
  • Ghost in the Cell : we’re developing the game. Should be on time for end of February :slight_smile:
  • Top Secret stuff we’ve been working on for months : Bear with us, it’s coming. You can have a small overview on the contribute tab. We’ve opened a closed (see what I’ve tried to do here?) beta. We’ve added just a few people in, so it’s normal if you didn’t receive a key yet. To be continued.
  • #ShamelessPlug New blog post on edge computing : You know cloud computing? Well it’s over, according to Peter Levine. Quite interesting talk (25mns)

Coming this week:

  • New menu architecture : Again? Are you guys going to change the menu every six months? Well we’re adjusting some stuff for the top secret stuff.

Amazing! :grin:

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Speaking of stuff added … are there any plans for any more programming languages to be added? The two most popular ones on Please add the following programming languages are Kotlin and Prolog. It would be nice if either one was added (especially Kotlin, hint hint). :wink:

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Prolog! Yes!!

2017-01-16 Winter has come

and everything is frozen…

  • New menu architecture : Yes I teased it and we really thought it would be released.
    This week though, I promise!
  • Languages update : Yes you’re not dreaming! We’ve decided to update the versions of some of the languages. Some were getting very, very old. One that is sure: Swift 3! As it’s not retro-compatible, we’ll not replace the current Swift version but just add Swift 3. Not sure it will come this week, but we’re working on it. No other new languages though, just languages updates.
    python 3.5.3
    python 2.7.13
    rust 1.14
    swift 3.0.2
  • Ghost in the Cell : design is finished. We’re integrating it with the current proto. We’ve never been so early \o/
  • Top Secret stuff we’ve been working on for months : Working on the documentation for beta testers. Will talk to you soon about builders & runners…

Oh I forgot, we had a cheese party (raclette)! We processed quite a lot of cheese during the week…


:anguished: Are you planning on eventually adding any other languages? If so, do you guys have a tentative date? btw, good job on getting Ghost in the Cell done so early. Cheese is good.

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I’ve been told it’s secret stuff. No date yet.

You also created the league system for The Great Escape multi. Any plans for adding it to another multis, like Poker Chip Racer? League System is a very good addition


All multiplayer games are progressively migrated to the league system. So yes, expect to have it. But as we release only one league per week, it should take a while :wink:


2017-01-25 Ready, Steady, Go!##

Yes I’m late, I know.

  • Newsletter/Blog Post combo Focus on Learning in 2017: We want to improve the way we keep you informed of what’s going on with the platform. But no worry, 1 newsletter per month maximum.
  • Emailing improvement: This new newsletter will get another new fresh design. We’ll soon add a specific subscriber list for the blog. We’re also thinking about the current state of the weekly “digest” (which is in theory some kind of newsletter). Objective: less spam, more useful emails.
  • New UI : woohoo! Finally!
  • Languages update : Still ongoing. We need to test that we’re not breaking anything. But the tool, that we use to test, is actually broken.
  • Bot programming: We released The Great Escape as a league game. As usual, expect one league opening per week until Ghost in The Cell.

Poke, poke, nudge, nudge. :innocent:

  • danBhentschel


I cannot unfortunately share anything interesting for you here. We’re working on a lot of things that are not visible on the platform yet. We’re also working on the other part of CodinGame: Bugs, CodingHubs, Ghost In The Cell, emailing improvements, next contest…
As soon as I can share something worth it, I will :wink:

Off-topic I know, but I had to say it: I love the path section of that URI :smiley: