Please add the following programming languages


It would be great to see Julia supported.


Hey, could you also add in Perl6?

Perl6 is sufficiently different from Perl5 as Perl6 drops the previous reverse compatibility to Perls 0 through 5 in its functionality. With that compatibility being removed with the simple line, “use v6;”. It was figured that compatibility to previous Perls such as the ones that were terrible ideas Perl 4 and Perl 0 was making the language much harder to manage and keep track of it. Much of the updates and moving forward with Perl 6 has been via a washcycle way of handling stuff (as compared to the waterfall style)

Possible cons for Perl 6 is that the bicycle shed is the exact wrong colour. I don’t know if they are trying to attract robots and kittens with that colour of the bicycle shed… but seriously… how do they handle that bicycle shed being that darn colour?

I kind of was thinking Perl 6 was already an option… and tend to be disappointed for the one hundredth time I don’t see it up.

I’d also suggest we offer Perl 0… but Larry Wall does not seem willing to make Perl 0 available to the general public and world. Clearly he is hiding it, because it is the secret to enlightenment and godhood–and he doesn’t want other gods to compete with him.


OpenCOBOL or GnuCOBOL, please
i just found a job where COBOL is heavily used, Micro Focus dialect
so i was researching the possibilities, and found this open-source dialect


Scratch, AlgoBox or other student langage…


Oh no! Please, no!


If you are having a job where COBOL is being used… get a different job.

I hear “being a hobo” is always hiring–and it would be hard to argue that as anything over an improvement of programming in COBOL


The thought has occurred to me multiple times that it would be neat to have build “languages” like GNU Make, ANT, etc. represented. I have found time and again that the ability to find my way around complex build scripts is a valuable skill in the workplace.

Build languages have a high dependency on external commands, but that isn’t any different from bash.

The tricky part, and the reason I haven’t suggested it previously, is how to handle reading of stdin. In GNU Make, there’s no standard way of doing so, and I don’t know other build languages well enough to comment. Thoughts?

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there is no broad choice of jobs with high wage in ukraine now


If you want to use Make, you can do it using Bash and calling make.


TypeScript would be nice, sometimes plain JavaScript can get cumbersome to debug :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, speaking of JavaScript : some ES6 norms aren’t yet supported on CG like the new classes, do you have the possility to update your engine ?


Last time we tried, the last version of mozjs crashed when run with the limits… I’ve planned to give it another try soon.



Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications.

Elixir leverages the Erlang VM, known for running low-latency, distributed and fault-tolerant systems, while also being successfully used in web development and the embedded software domain.

Elixir’s functional pattern matching system would be perfect for solving the puzzles on codingame.

Watch this video, and then vote for Elixir:


get that money. I am sure the wages are good Cobol programmers in the USA make bank.


I still think that Ada is the best language to begin in the programmation world. It is compiled with GNAT and i work on linux, windows and mac :

The only problem is i don’t know if CodinGame must pay for the professional version :frowning:


The GNAT (GNU Ada Compiler) is free (“as in free beer”), AdaCore being only the primary contributor to the project. There are some tools around (with support included) which are not free (eg. the GPS IDE), but some others are free (eg. the plugins for various IDE, such as Eclipse which is unfortunately not bug-free…). So, nothing prevent CG to provide Ada as another (great?) language. In addition, Ada being a mature and well etablished language, doing so would be pretty straightforward.


Please add TypeScript.


I still think that there is a functional, crisp decent language hiding inside ADA somewhere.

It is like playing Where’s Wally.

#59 D language


I’m not convinced of the utility of learning D, but I’ve been curious about it for years. Might be fun to have available, if it’s not too much work.

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I would like to hereby offer a big +1 to Scratch. Indeed, yesterday, when i was talking to my kids about fantastic bits, both told me they would really like to try some exercises using Sratch, as it is easier, for beginners like them, to use.
So, is scratch adding possible ? And even considered ?