Please add the following programming languages

Thanks to Jetbrains team and @_CG_XorMode, Kotlin arrives soon on CodinGame! \o/


Kotlin is now available on CodinGame! :tada::tada::tada:


So you can include jQuery?

I don’t really see the point in this! Yes Python has some great libraries preinstalled and it would be a pain in the ass to create something similiar within the provided javascript stack - but that’s also not necessary - you should be able to create basic programs without the hard dependencies on too many libraries.

Library import in codingame would be far too complex to create i think. But for Javascript, a NodeJS environment is better than SpiderMonkey :frowning:

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Perl6 »ö«

No, not JQuery, that’s used to select items on a page. And was definitely not refering to react / angular / grunt / gulp or any other popular libraries/frameworks you heard of.

Synaptic.js / Brain.js for example, are libraries i want to use. There are a lot of useful libraries in JavaScript.

Sure if npm packages would be available life would be easier, but i am not asking for that…

npm packages

I don’t think it is good idea to have all of them available. A couple of hand-picked packages may be reasonable but no more than that.


There’s no reason to add npm packages to javascript. It would be cheat for javascript.

If you add npm to javascript, you’ll have to add pip to python, maven to java, compose to php … It’s endless.

Having an esolang would be a good improvement to the landscape in my opinion. Many existing language options on this site are very C-like, there are four languages with the C model (C, cpp, C#, ObjC), half the options all have a similar basis (Java, VB.Net, …) and they’re all place-oriented. While there are a few languages steering away from that (e.g. Ruby, Kotlin, …) it’s too narrow to introduce actual life and it doesn’t reflect the essence of programming that is solving challenges (since almost every language is the same, you’d just be solving problems).

With that prelude done, my vote is on brainfuck.

Seriously, what puzzle can be solved in BF?

It’s turing complete, so technically you can solve any problem that you can in any other language, you just need to model your problem down to a T. You know how some people complain about assembly for not supplying enough utility methods compared to modern tools? Screw those people. You know how Java has a convoluted array of methods of reading from files (like, java.nio.File, InputStream, …)? Screw Java, all of those minor obstacles are nothing compared to Brainfuck. You have to spend hours just parsing the input, and then spend days implementing data structures, and then tackle the problem in the most classic way possible: By programming a tape machine. You have to master all the structures you’ve done and tackle it cleanly otherwise you’d have glue all over you and a script that’s only possible to debug if you’ve signed a contract in blood with satan.

Truly, finally a red / legend badge that is actually hard: “Solve 15 puzzles in brainfuck”. I yearn for this.

If that’s not possible, ><> is good enough too.

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I know that BF is Turing-complete but trying to solve a hard puzzle in BF in 100 ms is a joke.

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It’s actually not, there’s even brainfuck interpreters written in brainfuck. It would indeed not be easy to solve problems, but it would also be an invaluable workout experience that you can’t get with existing tools. Just as megabyte-large Excel macros exist, there are stakes to tackling problems with a new tool that you’ve never used.

I think brainfuck is actually a competent candidate for being added to the site, because unlike other languages that were designed to make code easier to write, it was specifically made with the goal of designing the smallest compiler, and so every problem becomes hard in brainfuck due to the lack of overhead in its design. This makes it challenging in both learning and using, which you don’t get with the pack of similar languages that you can look at the first chapter of a tutorial and guess the rest from what other languages have.

Are you able to solve Onboarding in pure BF (no macro, no dialect)?
I think that I’m not.
Of course I’d find it fun but there should be special puzzles designed for BF.

Like Code of the ring.
Use brainfuck to generate brainfuck.


If you add npm to javascript, you’ll have to add pip to python, maven to java, compose to php … It’s endless.

B-but there are some preinstalled modules for Perl and PHP (and some libs for C and C++)

Whats wrong with JS having a couple of those sweet fat requires?


I was wondering if this one would show up :slight_smile:
+1 for R

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Is there any hope for Scheme?

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Actually you don’t need GnatPro. Gnat from gcc is fully functional and good enought.

Please add Ada to list of supported lanuage! :slight_smile:


Please add Ada!

I like Ada for great support for the programming, great readability and expressiveness. Its strong type system protects you from many silly mistakes. Hiding low level details it allows me to concentrate on creation of good abstraction. But when I need I can control low level details also.

Even if whole language is complex, its subset can be used to teach programming very well.

Having it at CodinGame is a good ability to allow people to try this language and find its best sides.