Please add the following programming languages

I think, any R6RS compliant implementation will do the job. Personally, i use Guile. It is fast enough nowadays and easy to use.

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By the way, i cannot restrain myself from mentioning, that Clojure is a real PIA when debugging the solutions of hard codingame problems. I guess Java JIT messes the semantics somehow and one gets a lot of exceptions from nowhere. Especially when writing complex logical predicates with pattern matching. When the predicates are correct, everything works. But when they are buggy, everything is a mess, and one just cannot locate the source of errors. So, the Land of Lisps should have a broader representation at CodinGame with more mature and JVM independend systems.

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You could try this library. Take a look at the trace-forms example. It’s small enough to just copy/paste the whole library.

Also there is a small bug on codingame with compile time exceptions.

Thanks. I am using this already. And it does not help.

Why not APL? It’s ideal for golfing.

I use SQL almost daily and really like it’s use and ease of understanding. It is in everything and is so important in the business world. I support an application using SQL to check the database for errors and to create custom reports for managers. I love how it is a language formed around manipulating sets of data rather than streams and requires a somewhat different approach sometimes to solve problems.

I know it’s been suggested a couple of times now, but I’ll throw PowerShell out there again. It can do pretty much anything any other language can do, is now (as of version 6) open source alongside .NET Core, and runs natively on all currently supported versions of Windows (love or hate it, it’s an important OS in the enterprise).

It’s completely modern, powerful, object oriented, and has an interactive shell to test against (heck, I use it to test ideas I have for C# as it is, since they’re so closely related and the objects behave almost identically).

Anyway, adding PowerShell will give a ton of Windows admins who are trying to get better at PowerShell a reason to stop in; something like what this site does would be fantastic for many, many Windows teams, and I’d immediately recommend at least a dozen people to come here if it were added.

> aptitude search power|grep shell

Sorry, Powershell is not available in Debian.


I won’t install this if it’s not an official Debian package.
Moreover, I don’t see the 32 bits package.

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+1 for Julia, it’s a really promising language.


I’d love to seem one of the the Smalltalks available. Pharo or GNU Smalltalk or Squeak would be competitive in clashes.

With Pharo being supported by Inria it would seem like a nice thing to do for a hometown language.

I wish some day in the future, user will be able to use any language they want by having their own custom environment (dockerized runner maybe).

That’s what is possible on We hope too one day to be able to use the same Dockerized environment on CG.



Regarding the OCaml language, would it be possible:

  • to compile OCaml into native code with ocamlopt¹: currently it seems the code is not compiled at all, and is instead handed over directly to the ocaml interpreter.
  • to update the OCaml system to 4.04.

Thanks in advance.

¹: The version of ocamlopt currently installed on CG’s servers is the byte-compiled one; there is a native code version available in the OCaml distribution.

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Essentially Ruby but performant as C


Better javascript library support. So i could use a library through a CDN for example.

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For hardcore developers who want to challenge leaderboards where the Top30–40 is monopolized by C.* languages, I may suggest NASM (Netwide Assembler).
I reckon that I didn’t try all the existing x86 assemblers, but I tried several of them years ago and NASM was the only one with all these advantages: free, open source, multi-platform, standard Intel syntax, 64 bits, still in active development.
Note that I did not try FASM (flat assembler) so I cannot compare them first hand: Apparently it has the same advantages as NASM (see above), so it could be a fine replacement if someone knows of some advantages of FASM over NASM (and no drawbacks of course).


I really would like to see assembler, but I don’t agree with your argument. Everyone says his favorite language can compete with C. Just look up two replies. “Crystal. Essentially Ruby but performant as C”. That shouldn’t be a reason to consider a language.

I think a better reason to add assembler would be just to get more diversity in programming languages. At the moment it feels like there are only a handful of languages on Codingame, because they are all roughly the same. If you have done some problems with C and then want to try a language completely different there are not a lot to choose from. Assembler would be a nice addition in this regard. There is nothing quite like it on Codingame.

Or to put it another way. If you group similar programming languages together, I would rather have one language for every group, than a lot of languages from the same group.

Another language that comes to mind is Prolog. There is nothing like it available on Codingame.

Kotlin should be added imo.

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