Please Enchant the League System::my little suggestions

I am a new beginner to here.And I played the Strike Back.
So I meet something that can be improved.

Each time I beat a Boss to Upgrade to next level of League. I get the Rank 1 and the Boss get Rank 2 (or maybe Rank 3 or lower). So that means everyone beat the Boss to almost get Rank 1 and upgrade to next level of League.
So for the current League, who’s code is the true rank 1 for every league??
And when level up to next League , the rule get changed a little or a lot , so that means maybe you work a long time to work out a code best for current league but not so good for next league.

And I find myself can’t access to pre-league of code.

Overall ,I suggest:: open the access of all pre-league of code (from wood 1 to your current league) . And for every league of the same puzzle , re-calculate all rank for the players who already beat the boss (or other kind of victory).(And of course , the website should save one version code for each league)

So that we can know who’s the true best for each league while currently I can only know the best of players that can’t win through my current league.

And that also give you a big benefit ::whenever you change the rules or change the input/output , we won’t think it brings players a lot of troubles but only think it as a new mode to play.