Please improve "Console output"

I love how you make the console output update turn by turn but I think “Console output” ,especially stderr, is too small and too narrow. This make debug unnecessary harder.

Please add things like
- a button for copy all text to clipboard
- a button for expanding windows that make me see more output content
- sync both code and output (chrome sync addons)


What’s wrong with the current one?

It was pretty narrow already in single-player problems. Having to share it with the opponent list makes it even worse in multiplayer. Especially when we don’t have a way of selecting how wide they should be relative to each other (e.g. the way it’s done between the left (viewer/text) and right (code/control) views.

Our screens are obviously not as wide as your designer’s :wink:

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It only expands vertically.


copy to clipboard seems an easy fix for an annoying problem. +1


We’ve made it possible to considerably increase the space available for the console in the IDE. Finally!

Feel free to play with the panels and let us know what you think!

PS: We’ll also improve how it can expand vertically in a future update.