PM - personal/private message

Hey, Ops, could you please reconsider implementing PM feature?
Isn’t it much easier to implement and maintain then chat system?

From time to time I need to thank someone who pushed me into legend league :wink:.

The forum already provides the PM function. What is lacking, though, is the notification of messages in the top menu of the website in addition to the notification in the top menu of the forum.

The thing to which you refer to is far from being useful.
I wish:

  • there would be “Messages” tag on the main page bar (near “COMMUNITY”)
  • I could type a new message clicking “PM” from user’s profile (just like a button “FOLLOW”)

User’s interactions are limited to forum right now and this is a significant drawback.
No, discord is not a solution.


I don’t know why you think it’s far from being useful. Maybe I haven’t made myself clear enough…

I think we’re both thinking about the interface to access the PM function. I did think about having a separate PM notification menu on the top (that’s the same as your first point; I didn’t elaborate more because… you know, CG…). I didn’t think about the profile access (your second point) though, and it’s a great idea.

I still think the PM function on the forum is good enough on its own. It even contains the various formatting options not found in the original webchat. It’s just the notification and the access aspects which make it inconvenient to use.

And yeah, I know the webchat was embedded within the same window and some might find it more convenient that way. But given the current affairs of CG development team, I don’t expect they’ll develop anything like that (as one of the mods said recently, “Perhaps some players have too high expectations and do not appreciate what they are given.” I personally have lost most of my hopes and expectations in recent months). I’d say just open extra window for the forum PM page to mimic that.

On a related note, to make myself even clearer, my current idea on how to reform the current notification menu is to split it into a few notification menus like this:

  • Contribution comments (and adding here, potentially, forum PM/replies to posts/etc.)
  • Contribution approval/rejection, achievements, clash of code results, bot league-up, player level-up, etc.
  • (new) Announcements from CG (not limited to events; may serve as an additional channel apart from emails)